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Michael Seewald's
Yosemite Photography Classes


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Seewald's workshops...the difference over others?
You aren't just driven around to pretty sites, which you could
do on your own, you are taught how to see, think and
create, like a master, from a master. That way, when you
get to picturesque places on your own in the future, you'll be able to make exciting,
award winning art with the concepts you've now practiced and learned.


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Michael Seewald's
Photographic Workshops


Click image to enlarge.  Copyright Michael Seewald, 1998

Yosemite Falls, 1998
From Seewald's 'Southwest USA' series.


Spend a few days in stunning Yosemite
with master photographer Michael Seewald

Yosemite is one of the wonders of the world to create art at. Michael has created art here for 40 years now, come join him.

Two and Three day 'fun-shops'.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Only $795

If you can only make the two
day, Fri. and Sat., it would be $595





Feb. 21st, 22nd, 23rd
Friday - Sunday


NOTE, this is a 'BONUS CLASS' all participants
that take all three  days will receive a Seewald
original of choice valued at $750!

Only 6 students allowed, so call now.

It may be sold out before we post here, contact ASAP
if you want to reserve.

Workshop now closed.

Fall dates to be announced.


Click photo to enlarge. Copyright Michael Seewald

Yosemite fall class of 10.21.2016



Click photos to enlarge.
Left: Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View.
Right: 'Stream, Vernal Falls' by Manoj Jayadevan,
Yosemite class of 2.27.2015



Click image to enlarge. Copyright Michael Seewald, 3/2009
Seewald Yosemite Fun-shop

"...I enjoyed another great outdoor experience with Michael,
rain and snow and sunshine. What a wonderful opportunity to
study with a master of the light in so many different light conditions.
 I will be back again for another class."

Vicki Dobbs (lady sitting on far left above), Clovis, California,
Yosemite class of March 10-22, '09


Critique form from Sarah Ryba (young lady on wall in above photo) of San Bruno, California.

How_was_michael_as_an_instructor: Michael explained concepts well and was very patient.

How_was_Michaels_teaching_style: Michael has a laid back teaching style and it was very helpful to sometimes see him work and explain how, and why, he was setting up certain shots. 

ForEveryon_how_tough_respectful_day1_critiquing: Michael provided constructive feedback and was not too tough.

ForEveryon_how_tough_respectful_day2_critiquing: Michael provided excellent feedback and reinforced concepts that were introduced on the 1st day.

short_paragraph_of_how_it_was: This was a fun and instructive class and I will use what I learned to take better photos. I now feel that I understand my camera more and want to continue learning what I can do with the camera.




Click photo to enlarge. Copyright Michael Seewald 3/2009
Half Dome - clearing storm



Click image to enlarge.               Copyright Michael Seewald, 3/2009
Seewald's Yosemite Falls Close-up



Click photo to enlarge. Copyright Michael Seewald

Merced River, Yosemite, 2009



“Michael, Bottom line: The workshop (fun-shop) was priceless! As I told you when we were in the field, I've had a lot of workshops, and those ‘instructors’ basically just took us to pretty places. They answered questions if we asked, but that was about it. You actually taught, critiquing each image; explaining what was right, and wrong, with all my compositions, and why! And then showed me HOW TO FIX THEM, if they needed it, on the spot!

I will no longer need more ‘classes’, as with your help I now have a map on how to make strong art, from here on out. “
Again, thanks so much,
Manoj Jayadevan, Yosemite class of 2.27.2015
Intermediate level photographer, San Francisco, CA

NOTE: Contact info to confirm this testimony, as with ALL TESTIMONIES
we receive and post, are always available on request.





Average Temperatures & Precipitation for Yosemite Valley
(4,000 feet / 1,220 m)

Month Maximum  Minimum Precipitation
  (°F / °C) (°F / °C) (inches / cm)
January 49/9 26/-3 6.2/15.7
February 55/13 28/-2 6.1/15.5
March 59/15 31/0 5.2/13.2
April 65/18 35/2 3.0/7.6
May 73/23 42/5 1.3/3.3
June 82/28 48/9 0.7/1.8
July 90/32 54/12 0.4/1.0
August 90/32 53/11 0.3/0.8
September 87/30 47/8 0.9/2.3
October 74/23 39/4 2.1/5.3
November 58/14 31/0 5.5/14
December 48/9 26/-3 5.6/14.2


Yosemite park Oct. No. fall info.
(Like they say 'See lots of the park, but few people')

DURATION: 3 minutes, 25 seconds


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Accommodations are not
 included in the workshops,
Go to
All about accommodations


Note: there are no grizzly bears in Yosemite (brown bears) they
are all black bears. Fairly harmless, but still,

here are some tips about being in Yosemite with them...



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