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Copyright Majid Ahmed, class grad of 3.21-22.'09
Yosemite Valley from the Tunnel

Dear future grads, How exciting, we get to learn and 'work' in Yosemite for two or more days.

DAY ONE starts at 10 a.m.. Some of us will be coming from outside the park that morning, and it takes about 2 hrs to get there from the closest large town (Merced) we wonít have to kill ourselves to start to early. So this is good as we need about 7 hours to cover the materials and critique art, and we will end at 5 p.m..

We will meet at the cafeteria at the Yosemite Falls Lodge. Itís just to the left of the lobby. In case anyone gets lost, Michaelís cell is 858.245.0485

Most cell phones worked in the valley, to some extent, in the past.

Days Two and Three will start at the Cafeteria too, at 8 a.m. sharp. We can go over photos off you notebooks if you worked on your images the night before.
Class ends at 6 p.m., Sunday at 3 p.m..

These pages tell you what to bring and the dayís structure, etc. (although some references are for San Diego) link is here: http://www.seewald.com/material_list.htm

Concerning Day I: don't forget to bring AT LEAST three or four photos you have made.

Don't forget to bring a TRIPOD.

Donít forget to do the prep work for the class this page calls for, the class will be so much more rewarding if you do so AND it will be a courtesy to the other students whom have done so. The critique forms keep coming back with statements that Michaelsí having to cover a lot of the basics with those that had not read it was disconcerting to them, so please read them. Michael has suggestions on what to bring, i.e. extras for your cameras that will greatly enhance your images, etc.. The 'Day II' link is here, ignore the class locations of course, it was written for the San Diego classes mostly: http://www.seewald.com/part_ii_class_materials.htm

Drive Times/ Mileage

Donít forget,
they require chains to get into the park this time of year, but they usually clear snow off the main western highways right away, so not many folks ever have to use them. The east entrance to the park is always closed till about June, too high and too much snow.

Del Mar to Yosemite Valley: drive times Via I-5 N. and then the 41 N.-  7 hrs 30 mins. / 412 miles.

Del Mar to Fresno: Via I-5 N. - 5 hrs 18 mins. / 321 miles.  

Fresno to Yosemite Valley:  Via CA-41 N. - 2 hrs 16 mins / 92.68 miles

Del Mar to Merced: Via I-5 N./ CA-99 N. - 6 hrs 40 mins. / 399 miles.

Merced to Yosemite Valley: Via CA-140 -1 hour 53 mins. / 80 miles.


Michael's cell number to find him if you get lost on your way to either location is 858.245.0485.

It can be quite rainy/snowy certain times of year. And thatís cool, weather is the helpful condition that makes for great shots- last year we had sun, rain, and snow all in four days. So, it could be something to deal with.  Bring rain gear, a large umbrella and warmer clothes/ wool hat, gloves, socks- layer up (Michael brings long underwear, top and bottom), cause if you are warm you are a happy camper (artist).

Any problems or questions after reading these please let us know.  This is going to be a great class and time to create.

Valerie Seewald




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