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Do you want to learn good photographic techniques in north san diego county, Carmel or Yosemite? Well, Seewald's San Diego digital photography classes for 35mm, medium and large format photography classes are also for Orange County students. Poto workshops, field photographic workshops and photo classes are fun to take. Photographia, also known as arte in Del Mar, photographic art, limited editon art, photos, amateur, intermediate and advanced folks! Even Ansel Adams and Edward Weston could have used Seewald's art class

Michael Seewald's
Photographic Art Classes

Seewald's workshops...the difference over others?
You aren't just driven around to pretty sites,
you are taught how to see, think and
create, like a master, from a master.


Beginner and intermediate
level testimonial page.


"...The sign of a true master is that he makes the path very simple. When the student is struggling he knows exactly when to let them struggle (only to discover something on their own) and when to intervene (and show them something new that they have not noticed). Michael is a true master of the art in this sense. He knows how far to push people to think on their own and when to provide that masterly intervention. ..."

Vivek Gulati, beginner level photographer,
San Diego, California
Class of 1.6-7.'07

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If a picture is worth a thousand words,
what is a two minute critique by a fresh Seewald grad video worth?
Priceless, IF it helps you decide to take one... take a look-see.


Video by Michael and Rocio Castaneda Productions.
David Durney, a complete beginner when he started,
but very advanced when he left, expresses his thoughts minutes
after finishing his three day class. He was AMAZED he'd become, and
knew it, an artist! NOT just a little better photographer, as he'd hoped, but an artist!






Click photo to enlarge.

Click photo to enlarge.
Above: Yosemite Valley from Tunner View.
Below: 'Stream, Vernal Falls' by Manoj Jayadevan, Yosemite class of 2.27.2015

“Michael, Bottom line: The workshop (fun-shop) was priceless! As I told you when we were in the field, I've had a lot of workshops, and those ‘instructors’ basically just took us to pretty places. They answered questions if we asked, but that was about it. You actually taught, critiquing each image; explaining what was right, and wrong, with all my compositions, and why! And then showed me HOW TO FIX THEM, if they needed it, on the spot!

I will no longer need more ‘classes’, as with your help I now have a map on how to make strong art, from here on out. “
Again, thanks so much,
Manoj Jayadevan, Yosemite class of 2.27.2015
Intermediate level photographer, San Francisco, CA

NOTE: Contact info to confirm this testimony, as with ALL TESTIMONIES
we receive and post, are always available on request.




“The class condenses years of experience into an understandable 3 day class. You learn many essential techniques to take expert quality photos. For two of the days you are in the field practicing the techniques. By the end of the third day the student is already becoming comfortable with the protocol.

Many of the techniques are not mentioned in camera manuals nor "how to" photography books. The class changes the way the student approaches taking photographs. By the end of the class the quality of the student's photographs improve….”

James Dutton,
intermediate photographer,
Del Mar, Calif.
Class of Oct. 3-
5th, 2014


"...He is the Simon Cowell of photo critiquing which is what I was looking for. I can't improve unless I get an honest answer, and that's what I got from Michael.

Andrew Kenworthy of La Mesa, CA
Intermediate level, portrait photographer
San Diego three day class of 2.10-12.'12


"I took this class with hopes of truly understanding how to take good pictures on purpose and to finally answer my questions of correct f-stop and shutter speed combinations. This workshop answered all my questions, and more. I learned some basics of photography along with some "tricks of the trade" that will definitely come in handy. If you are looking to perfect your skills or simply start at the beginning, this workshop will definitely get you going in the right direction.

... I even learned a very important part of my camera that I had no idea was there!

...Michael explained concepts well and always gave examples of what he was talking about. It made things just that much easier to understand. For instance, I was having trouble understanding "fill flash", but he explained it very well by making me practice a few shots that covered that concept. ..."

Rosy Rodriguez, intermediate photographer,
Monterey California
Carmel class of 8.11.2011


"...A mind blowing experience. A whole new way of thinking and seeing; not just about photography but also the world. I now feel comfortable and confident with my digital camera and I'm beginning to see the world in a different light.

I am excited about moving on with my photography; my friends and family hear it in my voice and have given me great feedback (including some wows) on the photos I showed them from the afternoon of Day 3; What I have learned will last me a lifetime. Thank you again Michael!!"

Joe Aglio,
San Diego class of 10.1-3.2010
Ramona, CA

IF you are really contemplating a Seewald fun-shop, you MUST check out this in depth critique from Joe Aglio.**************************************************************

How satisfied were you with the attention to you personally
on day one, classroom? 1-10 scale
  10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions

How satisfied were you with the attention given to you personally
on day two & 3, in the field?
:       10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions

You found the length of the Day one class to be...: Just right

You found the length of the Day Two class to be... Just right

You found the length of the Day Three class to be... Just right

value_for_the_money:        Way more value than what I paid

How was the class for you, overall, at helping you become a better
10 - Very helpful

How satisfied, overall, were you with the entire class? 10 - Very satisfied

If you had to put a 'value for the money' figure for the Fun-shop, what
amount would it be?
$1K- $1,500

May we please quote you?  YES

name:        Joe Aglio

How_was_michael_as_an_instructor_overall_EXPLAIN_concepts: The instruction was spot on; there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions and absorb the info; Michael was very patient which is difficult to do when teaching.

How was Michael's teaching style? Too much joking around?  Not enough for a 'fun-shop'?  Explain. His teaching style was appropriate for the intensity of the info; the moments of levity were chances for our brain's to "take a holiday" and refresh for more content.

How tough, yet respectful, was Michael on critiquing your art on day one? Very tough and rightly so; but not disrespectful; I had no problem with Michael's approach.

How tough, yet respectful, was Michael on critiquing your art on day two Always instructive; I was told "not good enough" on several occasions and rightly so; when what I did was correct and/or I created something worthwhile, Michael gave praise and encouragement.

How would you convey your whole class experience to a friend in one or two paragraphs?  What benefits did you get from it?:  A mind blowing experience.  A whole new way of thinking and seeing; not just about photography but also the world.  I now feel comfortable and confident
with my digital camera and I'm beginning to see the world in a different light.

I am excited about moving on with my photography; my friends and family hear it in my voice and have given me great feedback (including some wows) on the photos I showed them from the afternoon of Day 3;  What I have learned will last me a lifetime. Thank you again Michael!!

What info, if any, should have been added to the day one or two info pages on the website that was lacking?  :  Can't think of any

What info was there but needed improving? Can't think of any

Was the class info on compositional elements taught in such a manner that it was easy to comprehend for your skill level on Day ONE?  : Absolutely

Anything you would have done differently for Day ONE? Nothing

How well was the technical info taught in the field, and was it made easy for you to understand?  What benefits did you get from the day?:  At last I was able to work my way around my digital camera; Michael's explanation and simplification of all the intricacies of the camera was extremely beneficial to me.

What would you have done differently for the field work, if anything? Were you challenged enough for your skill level? Yes I was challenged enough

Day III, do you think it was a good decision to have a third day to learn, or did you get all there was to learn in the two days?  Without Day 3, I would have been nowhere. By the afternoon all the concepts of the weekend began to gel for me and I began to have "aha" moments.  I made photos that I am proud of that afternoon

If there was a museum and/or gallery tour, did you appreciate it? Why or why not? Yes; seeing other work with the new "critical eye" that I had been taught was very instructive; a most worthwhile experience

If you recently changed to using the ball head style tripod, per Michael's suggestion, how did you like it?  Was it a good decision? Great idea; hard now to imagine not having it

Any other questions we should have asked about on this form to get a better idea of how we are doing?  Keep up the great work; it is a gift to be able to teach; never stop

Any last minute thoughts or comments? See you in the Portrait class


“Hi future grads, the above critique was made by Joe Aglio, one man so filled with life he gave off energy just being around him, love those types. I’m sorry to say, Joe didn't get to take the portrait class he was looking forward to,  he passed away just two days before Christmas.

He was really getting into photography, he said, because he needed to find a hobby to help slow him down, he’d told me he’d had heart problems recently.  It was nice of him to fill out the critique form in it’s entirety, as you see there are quite a few questions, and not all students find time to do so. But by getting hundreds of these over the years, due to great students like Joe, I’m able to fine tune these classes to the extent I can get these kind of grades. Of course, not everyone give such high praise across the board, and nobody is perfect, but I want to be as perfect as I can get. That's my goal.

Rest in peace Joe, it was a true blessing sharing three days of my life with yours.”


PS All future portrait classes will be held in Joe’s honor, he will be there in spirit.


Click image to enlarge. Copyright Jenny Price.
Class of 7.30-8.1.'10

Some of Michael's newest grads surround him at the Oceanside Mission- Megan K., Linda S., Karon E. and Jenny P.

"I received immense benefits from this class. ... After three days, I was amazed at how much I learned. Just being able to shoot manual now and not even wanting to go the easy way out and shoot auto, is a HUGE accomplishment!

Michael exposed me to so many concepts and techniques.

A book would never have accomplished this because 'hands on' is the best approach. "

Karon Edleson.
Class of 7.30-8.1.'10


Laurie Joseph of Rancho Santa Fe says

"I will never look at photography the same way - through the lens or as a print!

I found out how the lighting and composition are critical to making ART. AND that you can MAKE a great photo with any camera! This class is a combination of how to use your equipment, PRACTICE doing so real time, and critiquing - does your eye stay in the photo or get lost, and how to' fix it', and...

 ...Asking us what we have learned repeatedly was good, it help ingrain it in our brains...

Click photo to enlarge.
Laurie Joseph, hands folded on middle left, with the rest of the class at lunch,
at Bobby's Hideaway Cafe in Carlsbad.  This fun 'self portrait' by Michael, ghost headed
in the middle, was made with his '360 Panorama' app on his iPhone!

...I was initially looking how too use my camera! Boy, was I overwhelmingly, AND happily surprised, to lean how to be an artist too  :-) ..."

Any final comments?

"I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on to Michael and his creative expertise!

It has forever changed the way I will look through ANY camera lens and look at other photo art. I have an exciting and fresh new approach to how I see my own work and how to better create my own art!

Laurie Joseph of Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Beginner level, San Diego three day class of 2.10-12.'12


"If you are interested in creating photos that you would frame and hang on your wall, this is the workshop for you. If you are interested in creating photos that you want to share with your family and friends that they will admire because you have captured their interest, this is the workshop for you. This workshop will challenge your beliefs about what makes a great photo and give you the tools to create works of art. 

... I wanted to learn how to operate all the settings on my camera but I learned much more. I learned the necessary components that make a great composition and I learned how to operate the settings that will capture that composition in the most desirable way. ...

...Michael was great. Learning requires constant repetition of information and Michael kept it simple and clear.

...I like the mix of serious work combined with a more casual atmosphere. The mix was just right....  Thanks for a great weekend. I had lot's of fun while learning, it really is a 'fun-shop'!"

Doug Fishier of Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Beginner level, San Diego three day class of 2.10-12.'12


"...I now feel comfortable operating my camera on manual. It will take much more practice to make beautiful art but Michael gave each of us the encouragement and confidence we need to keep working at it.

...Michael is a great instructor who is also a great inspiration. He never gave up on any of us.

...I look forward to the next class and periodic classes in the years to come."

Robin Dier, beginner, Capistrano Beach CA
S.D. 3 day class of 4.30-5.2.'09


“...I actually got more from Michael's class than I'd expected. It took the "fear" of not getting the camera settings out of me. I am now excited to go out and try different apertures and shutter speeds.

Driving home after day 2 I found myself looking at things out the window and thinking about things that I was not conscious of related to photography prior to the class. It left me with a feeling of excitement about putting these concepts into action. ..”

Jenny Butterfass, beginner photographer, Carlsbad, Ca.,
San Diego class of 2.14-15.’09


"...I learned more in 3 days than I had in several school classes ... The class was fun not dreary! I would definitely recommend it. MAGIC revealed. ..."

Tamara Ames, beginner, San Diego, CA.,
Yosemite class of 3.20-23.'09


Inserted photos around this testimonial by Phyllis Spoor, all rights reserved.

"Fantastic-the best workshop I have ever taken. A serious photographer can not afford to miss it. Very enlightening. Besides the instructor I made great new friends to share photography with that I can share what I know and learn from their experiences.


Click photo to enlarge.
Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside

It forced me to dedicate time to leaning to use my camera and shoot manually with a understanding of what was happening. It re-enforced the components of art composition and how to in-corporate them into my photography.

Click photo to enlarge.
Fountain, Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside

...I learned not only how my camera functioned but what the effect of the different settings would accomplish- thru trial and error and on-the-spot assignments, with helpful guidance.


...Day III helped cement how of the new material/capabilities that I was exposed to. Without it I would have been lost trying to apply a lot of what was covered on day 1 and 2.

Click photo to enlarge.
Red White and Blue
Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, Vista, CA

...I replaced a larger heaver tripod with the one Michael recommended. I had never worked much with one. I find the ball head style to be very user friendly and a great tool. It allowed me to get some pictures I could not have gotten otherwise."

Phyllis Spoor, intermediate, San Diego, CA.,
S.D. 3 day class of 4.30-5.2.'10


“...For me the best part was learning everything. The composition concepts of photography were very important- it gave a totally different perspective of photography. ... The technical parts just added to the first day making the experience complete.

...Michael created a very welcome, warm, simple, and relaxed environment. I felt very comfortable in the class, and learned so much without felling overwhelmed. It was a class worth every single penny.... just loved it. Thank you for your hard work and effort. Keep sharing your Gift with the world. ...

...Thank you Michael, I'll come back for more classes :) ”

Olivia Bates, beginner photographer,

San Diego class of 2.14-15.’09
San Antonio, Texas (Via Portugal)


“... one of my favorite quotes: Someone once said, "Kindness without honesty is sentimentality, and honesty without kindness is cruelty". Michael was kind AND honest when critiquing our photographs ...”

Don Haake, intermediate photographer, Carlsbad,  CA,
San Diego class of 2.14-15.’09


“...I was really surprised how easy Michael made us all learn the very complex topics of photography.  I still might make mistakes here and there, but I am no longer shooting in the dark.  I am no longer trying to make a stab at it, just hoping that I got the calculations right.  So, even if I take a crummy picture, I will know how to fix it faster.  Thus, making me a more efficient photographer. ...

... I really enjoyed learning how to really apply what we learned on Day I out in the field on Day II.  It was like we still had training wheels on, and it was ok to make mistakes. ...”

Amy Rosengarten, beginner photographer, San Diego, CA
San Diego class of 2.14-15.’09

"...If you are new to photography and you want to learn it all "correctly" the first time, I highly encourage you to take the class. If you already have the technical knowledge but feel like you need a fresh perspective (no pun intended) on photography, then please, go ahead and sign up.

Michael is not just a photographer, he is an artist and a perfectionist. He will teach you how to "walk"... what you do from there is up to you. ..."

Mauricio Rubiales, beginner level photographer,
San Diego, California.
Class of 3.29-30.'08

(Advanced photography students click here.)

Photo courtesy Mr. Kay Cheng, © 2.11.'07.

Karen Bales is presented her 'Certificate of
Achievement' by instructor Michael Seewald

     "I didn't have any understanding of how to use my SLR on manual; nor understanding of f/stops, aperture, shutter speeds, histograms, light meters nor what to look for in getting a good tripod. I walked away from the workshop very very satisfied because now I do!! I am the brains behind my camera now, not visa-versa. Even advanced photographers who were in my group gained from the workshop."

Karen Bales, beginner level photographer,
Class of 2.10-11.'07
Oceanside, California


Photo copyright Kimberly Rizzo
Class of 2.25-26.'06

How much do amateurs learn?

The above image was made by Kimberly Rizzo in 'self timer mode' combined with Seewald's long time exposure 'ghosting effect style', both of which she had just learned that day. 

ALL exposure necessities were made on manual settings, figured out all by herself with her in-camera light meter, which she did not know she even had, nor even how to use it even if she had!  This after just one day of Seewald's tutelage on the technical aspect's of 'how to use the camera' (which takes place on the 'Day II' part of the two day class)!!!

This 'ghosting effect' is an advanced procedure taught and learned by all at the end of the second day of class.


"...Michael is a great teacher, he has so much personality and love for what he dose. He kept my attention the whole time. He is vary easy to learn from and understand.. I learned more from him in two days than I did with a year of college photo classes.

Just in the first 5 minutes (of Michael's instruction) I was looking at my camera differently. I had learned just how powerful my camera was, and I am enjoying it more!..."

Kimberly Rizzo,
intermediate level photographer,
Anaheim CA
Class of 2.25-26.'06


“For two days, this exciting fun-shop turned my digital camera into an artist's tool.  I learned the difference between taking a picture and creating art.  The discussion and hands-on lessons about compositional elements will make my photos much stronger.  Sure you may trip up along the way, heck you might even get frustrated during this class, but by taking this two-day seminar Michael will open up a whole new world of photographic possibilities.  If just a few peas stick you'll be rewarded for the experience.”

Troy Garrow,
San Diego, Ca.
Class of 1.20-21.’07

Click to enlarge.   
Photo copyright Rod Wesley, crouching bottom right.

Class of 1.20.’07 in Balboa Park, San Diego.
Troy Garrow is standing up behind a crouching Michael.

We just rec’d the following letter and photo from Troy on 3.2.'07 and he gave us permission to post it:


    Telling you that your class inspired me would be an understatement.  I just got back from my trip to Kauai a couple of weeks ago with my post Seewald Fun-shop photographs.  Living in manual mode and getting creative with aperture and shutter settings was a blast!  Mentally thinking about the “rule of thirds” before pressing that shutter was a hoot too!  My tripod became a trusted, ball-headed friend.  My wife thought I was out of my mind sometimes.  That’s where I need to fill you in on a little story.


My wife and I were driving on the north Shore of Kauai one afternoon and we stopped by the Kilauea Lighthouse.  I pulled out my camera and tripod to take a photo.  The sky was clear, the mid-afternoon sun was bright and there was a big crowd of people huddled around the lighthouse.  I turned to my wife and said this shot isn’t even worth it so I put my camera gear away.  We started walking back to the car and I noticed that the operating hours were from 10:00 to 4:00.  I thought if I got there before 10:00 the crowd of folks wouldn’t be messing up my shot.  I also thought that with the lighthouse facing North/East it would be great light to catch it at sunrise.  I looked at my wife and said, “The money shot is to take this picture at sunrise.”  So with the weather cooperating on February 14th, I left the hotel at 6:00 am (now you can see why my wife thought I was crazy) and drove 50-minutes to the lighthouse viewing area.  I captured this image with an f/22 aperture and 2-second shutter speed.  I played with it in Photoshop a bit, cropped it, and this is the end-product.

I’d love to enter it into the fair.  What’s your impression? 

Photo copyright Troy Garrow,
Class of 1.20-21.'07

"Wow Troy, great job, you are on your way buddy.  Thanks for the kind words and letting me publish them, along with your award winning image.  Now I hope your wife no longer thinks you're Looney-tunes." MS


     "Oh my goodness! I knew I had a lot to learn but I never imagined I could learn so much in just two days! I took away so much knowledge and hands on experience from this workshop. I was somewhat nervous about my beginning skill-level but Michael's ability to teach while exercising his natural tendency to turn everything into a joke was great!! I was at ease in no time.

     It was a true honor to be taught by someone with Michael's talent and experience. It is obvious that he truly enjoys sharing his God-given talent with others." 

Becki Smith, San Diego, California. 
Beginner level photographer,
Class of 11.25/26.'06 


Another 'by the numbers' (from the critique form, direct).

personal_attention:          10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
class_materials:                    Well informed, read the pre-class info page
How_helpful_was_class:    10 - Very helpful
How_satisfied:                       10 -  Very satisfied
value_for_the_money:       Way more value than what I paid

name: John Cary

how_tough_respectful_day_one:  Polite but very effective.
how_tough_respectful_day_TWO: Polite, direct and effective

short_paragraph_of_how_it_was: The was a highly effective, creatively stimulating, totally enjoyable and affordably priced instructional session. Michael is an accomplished artist, a superb photographer and he is unique in his ability to pass on key concepts in a short period of time. It is hard to describe how much more confident I feel with my camera and how much improved my results are.

John Cary, San Diego, Calif.,
Class of 7.29.'06

value_for_the_money: Quite a bit more than paid.

"I would recommend this class to anyone- in fact I already have. I am excited about getting out there and making art. I am ready to read my photography books, now I might understand what they are talking about! Day two was exciting for me because after 8 years of shooting with a slr, I know what shutter speed and an f-stop finally is and how they affect your photos. I have only taken this one class ever and I feel I have invested my money wisely. I came home and began to read my camera's manual again, but now I am starting to comprehend what it is saying. ...

(The fieldwork) was where it all came together. I was thrilled when I finally, for the first time, shot in manual and it turned out!!!

...(per Michael's suggestion) I really do like the ease of the tripod with the ball head; I did purchase it and was thankful for it."

Melissa Bence, Vista, California
Beginner level photographer,
Class of 9.22-23.'06 


 "The way it was presented made me think about what I needed to do to make great photos - not just regurgitate a formula....Respectful and honest. Though at times frustrating, appreciated the honesty and suggestions that made me think more about what I was doing...Day two, hands on fieldwork- very well taught. Easy to understand. Enjoyed hearing Michael talk about light as we walked around between assignments.... Persistence and practice with critical review is the only way to get better."

personal_attention:        10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
How_helpful_was_class: 10 - Very helpful
How_satisfied:                   10 - Very satisfied
value_for_the_money:    Quite a bit more
name:                                  Ted Rahn

     "The class was a real eye opener for me. I had never before thought critically about what I was about to shoot. With Michael's help I now look at scenes differently and know that my ratio of OK to really good photos will improve dramatically."

Ted Rahn, intermediate level photographer,
San Diego, California. 
Class of 11.25-26.'06 

11.'10 - We were very sorry to hear of Ted's recent passing from cancer, He was a very gifted and inspired photographer, it was a pleasure to have had Ted as a student, and then a friend. He will be missed by all that knew him. MS.

We have had more and more teenagers sign up recently. Do you have one that wants to learn about art and photography?

Kayli, a 16 year old intermediate photographer that loves shooting bands already, had this to say on the critique form:

personal_attention: 10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
class_materials: Well informed, read the pre-class info page
How_helpful_was_class: 10 - Very helpful
How_satisfied: 10 - Very satisfied
value_for_money: About right (especially since she did not have to pay ;/).
quote_me: ON
name: Kayli VerSteeg

How_was_michael_as_an_instructor: He was extremely patient with me and all the other students. He would repeat concepts we found difficult in a number of ways until we all understood it.

How_was_Michaels_teaching_style: I liked the balance of fun and teaching. I think he has it pretty well mastered.

ForEveryon_how_tough_respectful_day1_critiquing: He was just as tough as necessary and helped me compose solid pictures

ForEveryon_how_tough_respectful_day2_critiquing: He was extremely helpful and would share his opinions but still make us compose the pictures on our own.

short_paragraph_of_how_it_was: ... It covered everything from how to manipulate the camera the way you need to, to how to compose solid award winning photographs and even how to edit your previous pictures to be winners. I really enjoyed the class and highly recommend it to anyone interested in photography.

Kayli VerSteeg, age 16, of La Jolla, Calif.,
Class of 5.3-4.'08

"Michael's class was a very exciting experience for me.  I knew the concepts of photography (mostly technical) but have not been at all successful in applying them when I'm out and about taking pictures.  I had no eye for composition and knew that was my biggest downfall in getting the pictures I so desperately wanted.  The two days with Michael were literally "eye opening" and worked together so beautifully.  Between the morning of day 2 and the afternoon of day 2 some remarkable things happened for me and it felt like my mind opened up and my soul smiled.  I saw, I understood and I achieved knowledge and results that I've been struggling to obtain for a year. Michael helped me begin a journey of passion that I have wanted for so long and now I have the tools to spend a lifetime perfecting. Thank you Michael...."

Laura Gabel, intermediate level photographer,
San Diego, California. 
Class of 7.14-15.'07

Photo © Aimee Werth, class participant (good job Aimee).

Karen Maynor receives her Certificate
of Achievement at Spanish Village in
Balboa Park, San Diego California.

personal_attention: 10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions. 

Day 1: Michael was professional in his critiquing of the photos. Really took the time to look at everyone's art and gave valuable pointers to use when making and cropping photographs.

personal_attention_day_2: 10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions.

Day 2: Michael was both diplomatic and constructive in his critiquing. ...I found the assignments made me think and look differently before I photographed my subjects.

"The info that Michael covered on Day One got you thinking when he gave you assignments on Day Two....This class provided the right amount of information and instruction that I needed in order to perfect my photography...."

Karen Maynor, intermediate level photographer,
Oceanside, California
Class of 11.25-26.'06


     "Michael, I am just writing to thank you again for all I learned in the class (March 2006). I resubmitted two pictures (per your suggestions w/ new cropping and adjustments) to the 2006 San Diego Fair's 'International Photography Competition', that did not get accepted in 2005. Both of them were accepted to show this time and one (the frog - attached) received First Place!

...I'll have to take another one of your classes - maybe Monterey some day."

Eric Bischoff

  Seewald notes: "How do you compare one photo to the next, is there a objective way?  "Kinda", Michael states, "I use the San Diego Fair's International Photography Competition for comparison. Folks that enter have about a one in three chance of getting their photo accepted and shown.  Three judges critique each piece with a certain amount of points given for each image; composition, technical and overall effect.  "

Click to enlarge. 
Photo © Eric Bischoff, 2006
Eric Bischoff's first place image,
2006 International Competition San Diego Fair.

"There are many categories one can enter", Michael continues, "and getting a first place is just about impossible as there are hundreds of entries in each category, with lots of good photographers entering from around the globe- Russia, Italy, New York, So. America, you name it." 

Note: Michael does not enter often but in 1996 not only did he take 'First Place' in one of the categories but also had all 10 entries get accepted and then took 'Best of Show' to boot, a semi-impossible feat considering there were over 3,500 world-wide entries submitted!

"I critique each piece brought to class as if it were going to be entered into the fair. How would it do?  Get accepted? Get a ribbon? Etc..  If not, I show how can we make it better through cropping and strengthening it in various ways with my perfectionist know-how (As Monk the TV character would say, "It's a blessing... and a curse!").  I share all this during the course of the class, to help improve it's chances, and to teach while doing so.  This is what I did with Eric's piece, guiding him in how to improve it and suggesting a re-submittal of the piece which was not considered good enough to 'hang' last year. 

Congrats Eric on a job well done" MS. 

"I went merely to support my wife's blossoming photo hobby, but found that even a non-artistic individual such as myself benefited greatly. As a result of Part I of the class, I am generally more knowledgeable in viewing art, how my eye involuntary moves from one subject to the next, how long my attention is captured by the center of interest, intrusion/distraction elements all factoring into how well the shot has been composed and cropped. (All of which I learned at class.)

     But then to take that new knowledge and try to apply it in fieldwork with Michael’s coaching was truly rewarding; to begin really thinking about all of this new knowledge as I attempt to compose a shot, tweaking all of the technical aspects of the camera to achieve my objective, and wondering more and more is the shot even worth taking; this kind of thought process is the real reward and the permanent addition to how we look at making photographs.

     My wife and I were quite pleased with many of the pictures we ended up taking, and we are now all the more critical of them. You can’t improve a process if you are not even aware of the mistakes you are making, year by year I know the quality of our photos will improve."

Steve Cluer, beginner level photographer.
Oceanside California
Class of 1/'04

"...Throughout we had fun. The sessions were lively. At times we were a little resistant to the 'rules'. When we didn't 'get it' Michael was patient and logical. It seemed to me students of all levels had fun and learned.

Was I crazy for flying across the country for a weekend course? Very possibly. But I would do it again. I went to learn about composition and I did. I feel grounded now in an area that was a mystery to me. ...With practice and perseverance I may find it easier to produce more of those WOW photos. Was it worth the trip, an unqualified YES!"

Michael Gotthelf,
Advanced amateur,
Feb 26,2006


"...Seewald's "FunShop" is a valuable investment for any aspiring amateur photographer. As a "graduate" of his class, I find myself better equipped to critic my own photographs (as well as others', of course!) and to better compose them. What amazed me the most was how, in one day, I became much more selective in what I chose to photograph.

Michael's tips on how to improve existing photographs were also invaluable. I was amazed how he was able to look at a few of my own photographs and, with a little cropping, the photographs went from good to great.

...Michael was able to explain concepts in a straight-forward manner, with lots of examples. When discussing composition, he pointed to his own works to emphasize points and then further demonstrated them using the students' own photographs. He was quite patient with the students, even when they were frustrated.

...I also enjoyed the short tour of the photography museum. It was very enjoyable to critique the works of art with our new "eyes."..."

Christina Supran, beginner level photographer,
San Clemente, CA
Class of 3.29-30.'08

"...This class was was fun and informative and I found it to be very beneficial to me as a beginning photographer. Michael made the concepts easy to understand and his critiques on both days were both helpful and respectful.

I would highly recommend this class to others."

Tracy Nackel, beginner level photographer,
Encinitas Ca.
Class of 5/20-21/'06


"...I would say/have been saying that it was a great class that taught me just how much I didn't know. ... Michael's class helped me see what I was really doing....I loved his style! I don't like people who are too serious. He got the info across and joked around with us at the same time.

The class is also cool because he gives a hand out that explains exactly what you need to do and be conscious of when making your art. There's a lot of information on that four page handout and he even tells you to re-read it in a day, next week, and a year from now. I put mine in my camera bag so I won't lose it and can refer to it each time I take out my camera....

Fieldwork was taught well... I started the class knowing about f/stops and shutter speeds, but I still learned a lot! It was harder out in the field than I thought it would be; his critiques helped me understand what I was doing wrong... He was always respectful."

Jenney Howe, intermediate level photographer,
El Cajon, California.
Class of 03/29-30/08


    "The fun-shop was a very good experience for me. I feel that it has given me the tools to step up from a so-so, get a good shot every now and then, to where I now know what to look for, what light can do for a shot and what can be done with a photo after I have captured the shot. I hope that next year to take the Carmel class."

Dave McLain,
intermediate level photographer,
El Cajon, California.
Weekend class of 10.1.06

"By the numbers", from our critique form:

name: Dave McLain
personal_attention_day1: 9
personal_attention_day2: 9
length_of_class_day1: Just right
length_of_class_day2: Just right
class_materials_day1: Well informed, read the pre-class info page
class_materials_day2: Well informed, read the pre-class info page
How_helpful_was_class: 10 - Very helpful
How_satisfied: 10 - Very satisfied
value_for_the_money: Way more value than what I paid


"... It was interesting to note that the pictures that stood out as exemplary (in our brief San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts tour during the second day of class) were the ones that followed Michael's principals.

...I was a little nervous about attending, but you helped me build the confidence and skills I need to become a great photographer!

 Thank you, Michael. "

Mary Savoia,
'Intermediate' level photographer,
San Diego, Calif.,
Weekend class of 3.18-19.'06

As an amateur photographer I have been floundering around for years not really knowing what I was doing, and occasionally coming up with an OK photo. Thanks to you, I have received a roadmap to the process. Thank you."

Don Tynan,
San Diego, California
Weekend class of 8.20/21.'05

 Photo © Michael Seewald
Click to enlarge.
Beverly Bica sets up a shot on her mini-tripod.

Thanks for the great time.... I am truly a beginner at 61! However, the light has been lit. I also learned a lot from the exceptionally nice people you attracted from far and wide to the class- everyone was eager to help. Even though I experienced some frustration I kept reminding myself what an opportunity this was that I decided to take advantage of and to make the best out of it. Then my rate of absorption took off.

I realized what compassion you had for photography, .... To sum it up, I got to share a couple of days with a great group of photographers and the master himself and find energy in my own photography. I am truly inspired. "


West Flato,
San Diego, California
Weekend class of 1.21.'06

Photo © John Pohlman.  Click to enlarge.

Artist Studio, Spanish Village

       Thanks to your teaching patience, and your actual-practice classes on composition and lighting that I took from you (Class of 11/2005), I am happy to say that three of my photos were accepted to exhibit at the Del Mar Fair this year, and two got an Honorable Mention in their particular class.
       I was excited when I found out, but you know after a bit of thought, it isn't the awards that I am excited about, but the fact that I am actually improving. I just might get to be a photographer yet.

With regards,
John Pohlman

PS: The picture I took at the Spanish Village in Balboa Park that you have on your website was one of the photos selected (under 'student's photo page'). You encouraged me to enter it! Thanks. [Now posted above too].

"Michael's class is absolutely excellent!  His method of teaching is easy-going and infused with humor, making his class very enjoyable.  You will come away with knowledge worth much more than you paid for the class.

If you're serious about making great photos, you need to take his class."

Loren Tilles
San Clemente, CA
Class of Jan 21 & 22, '06

Click to enlarge.
Weekend class of 7.23/24.'05
in Balboa Park, San Diego

..."Good to see you can pull a few more ‘gems’ out of a shoot by really spending time with the pictures before printing. Made me look and see better for sure. That info was worth the price of your class alone."

Scott Birchell
Morro Bay, CA
Class of 11.19-20.'05

Some major class benefits were...
Opportunity to apply compositional concepts (which we were just taught on day 1) to "real-world" photos and then see what Michael would do to make them better; 
...to see examples in Michael's work of the concepts we were trying to master;
...meet a few fellow enthusiasts."

Dianne Arnold
Encinitas, California
Class of 8/'03

Click to enlarge.

Some Carmel students pose with Michael and
a Certificate of Achievement, June of '05.

 "...I gained a new, better way of evaluating the composition of an image in terms of the impact on the viewer. Michael was able to dramatically demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each image. The value of Michael's suggestions and comments was tremendous.

The second day gave practical light to Michael's suggestions and observations. "Doing" made Michael's approach real.

...Michael was born with a gift for communicating and demonstrating complex concepts in an easy to understand manner. His patience was remarkable..."

By the numbers:

name: Robert M. Bennett

How_satisfied: 10 - Very satisfied
How_tough_was_critique: 10 - Not tough at all
personal_attention: 10 - Very satisfied
length_of_class_I: Way too short
length_of_class_II: Way too short
How_helpful_was_class: 10 - Very helpful
class_materials_part_I: Well informed
class_materials_part_II: Well informed

Robert Bennett
Vista, California
Weekend Class of 4.06.'05

     "...Critiquing the groups pictures made the abstract principles real!"

Bryan Warren
Del Mar, California
Class of 2/'98

     "Michael is fully engaged in teaching the art and technique of photography. It is clear he derives pleasure from the "ah ha" when his students grasp a new concept."

David Taylor
San Diego, California. 
Class of 11.25/26.'06 


Click to enlarge.
Charlie Jones receiving his Certificate of Completion.

how_tough_respectful_day_one?:  "Tough enough that I felt I was getting an honest-candid appraisal, respectful enough that my feelings were not hurt. Constructively critical, which is exactly what I was looking for...Your emphasis on tri-pod, histogram and manual mode camera operation was a huge benefit for me."

How would you summarize the experience?:
    "Seewald's fun-shop is a great way to learn and experience what it takes to advance your art work to a higher level. Seewald utilizes a formula for success; sharing his learned knowledge of fundamentals and technical methods along with providing personal attention and feedback.

...I would like to say that I really enjoyed being surrounded by others who share my passion/interests in photography, Photoshop, art. I made several friends in the fun-shop and I look forward to socializing, sharing with and learning from them."

Charlie Jones,
San Diego 92124 CA.
Intermediate photographer/class of 11.25-26.'06

     "...Michael gave me practical and personal advice on how to not only see better photographs, but also how to compose my shots so I end up with great images with impact, not just 'good ones.'  

     I also learned to view photographs as the camera sees them, not how I want them to look, or hope they turn out."

Steve Gmyr
San Marcos, California
Class of 7/'01

     "My daughter Jessica and I learned to see through the lens with an artist's eye.  Michael's lighting and exposure tips at the end were extremely helpful."

Barbara R Wiener and 15 year old daughter Jessica
Irvine, CA., beginner level photographer.
Class of 8/'03

"...Now I know what it is about an image that makes it appealing; this class de-mystified the 'intuitive attraction' into tangible elements.  I am certain my photographs will improve as a result."

Eric Franks
Costa Mesa, California
Class of 4/'00

Click to enlarge.
Weekend class of 5.21.2005

I learned that I needed to rethink my photography and my compositions. I understand a different way of looking at a scene that will potentially make a very strong photo. Critiques of our photos were valuable as was the ability to actively discuss the changes needed for each photo to be a better composition."

Joyce Coker
Mission Viejo, California
Class of 8/'03

Then the one week Monterey/Carmel class, summer of '05.

    "...Thought I would feel a little insecure about my art, but instead I feel more confident!!
    Thank you."

Linda Westervelt
New York City, New York
Class of 2/'98

    "Michael,  I very much enjoyed the class and can’t wait to get out shooting again so I can apply the techniques and rules I learned. On Sunday I have to say I was feeling pretty overwhelmed (with so many new concepts to think about) and so can’t say I’m crazy about many of the pictures I took, but here are my top 3. (See one directly below.) On the orchid photo I couldn’t decide which crop I liked better. I recruited a few “jurors” and it was a split decision, so I’ll let you choose.

Thanks again and I hope to take another workshop, err fun-shop, after I’ve had some time to absorb and apply the lessons from last weekend."

Take care,
Lois Kosch,
Encinitas, Calif.,
Class of 2.25-26.'06

Click on image to enlarge.

Photo copyright Lois M. Kosch, class of 2.26.'06

"...Nice job; great demeanor and engaging style. ...you love what you do, know it well and enjoy teaching it...."

value_for_the_money: Quite a bit more

Ed Murphy
Solana Beach, California
Weekend class of 1.25-26.'06

  "...Some of the major benefits of taking today's workshop was that now I can 'focus on ideas', and seeing better, with "new eyes"...

Carolyn Markham
San Diego, California
Class of 2/'98

Intermed. photogs- How was day two? Too tough technically?

     "Good, it was really good putting things into practice. My college photography instructors have told me (I'm in my fourth one) that they shoot in manual but never showed ME how and I always thought it was going to be really hard to do, but it wasn't, with your help... Well I am a visual learner so it was really good for me to put into practice the things we learned on day one the next day, if not I wouldn't remember them as well or as long...."

Lara Cisar, Bonsall, Calif..
Intermediate photographer/ college student.
Class of 9.22-23.'07

"The best part of day one for me was using the mats you gave us to crop with. That was a real eye opener -- to see things differently --... and I felt very comfortable with Michael and the group as a whole -- I liked the critiquing, what a great learning tool.

On day two you eliminated 'The histogram mystery'...and I learned how much effort and planning that goes into making a great photo.

...Loved the photography museum, (a short tour Michael arranges for the San Diego class to discuss their new compositional tools and which is no charge to them) ... I could appreciate the difference in styles, and could see why a photo was really good or not after my new found knowledge....

...It was a pleasure to meet with Michael and the others. Thanks, Michael, for sharing your photography expertise and your stories. It was a real insight into the profession.

Wishing you continued success with your classes and your photography, Diane Goodman."

Diane Goodman
Leucadia, CA 
Class of 5.20-21.'06

Click to enlarge. 
A much younger Seewald at The Great Wall of China, 1987.

A much younger, and skinnier, Michael takes a break from photographing as Chinese soldiers look on. Michael sprinkles travel stories in with his teaching explaining the 'behind the scenes' info to some of the work shown in class and the thinking behind why some scenes work and some don't.

"Westerners instantly draw crowds as the locals are so curios." MS

Here is the 'report card' from
Sheila Brown of Chula Vista, Calif..

Note: A lot of these critiques are where we get our testimonials, some are left in 'form mode' exactly as we received it from our website, such as the following.

personal_attention_day1: 10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
personal_attention_day2: 10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
length_of_class_day1: Just right
length_of_class_day2: Just right
class_materials_day1: Well informed
class_materials_day2: Well informed
How_helpful_was_class?: 10 - Very helpful
How_satisfied?: 10 - Very satisfied
value_for_your_money?: Way more value than what I paid
quote_me?: ON

Intermediate_students_Day_ONE_too_tough?: Not at all! I was able crop and correct previous photos in my head while I listened to his "rules". Of course there were so many I needed to 'fix' when I got home that I was too overwhelmed to do it in one night! =)

major_benefits_day_ONE?: The lighting and the placement were the huge things I learned...

major_benefit_day_TWO?: Having a professional take the time to help you understand your equipment, point out the pros and cons and have knowledgeable suggestions about all aspects...there's nothing that can beat that kind of attention to detail.

what_thought_of_museum_tour?: Absolutely! I didn't care for the second artist's work, however it was exciting to be able to critique an artist after only 24 hours [of taking this class]! Art is art and you can't expect to understand or like all of it but having someone take the time to teach you the basics and teach them correctly just gets you excited and eager to learn more.

where_will_you_be_in_2_years_from_now_because_of_this_class?: I hope to be at least in the Advanced ballpark in 2 years. I may never be the person that sells their photography but I hope to be appreciated within my own circle for what I can produce.

refer_friend?: Yes, Michael J. O'Leary - xxx@xxx

any_further_pertinent_info?: I would just like to say thank you for making the workshop not only fun but very easy to learn. The friendliness you exude gives a confidence to beginner/immediate such as myself to ask questions and not be shy about the lack of knowledge we possess.

On the drive home after day two I was seeing things a lot differently. I wanted to pull over and start taking photos right then and there. Unfortunately, 4 batteries later, I had to go recharge!

Sheila Brown of Chula Vista, Calif..
Class of 3.18-19.'06

The workshop met my expectations. Delightful. Fun. Entertaining.

This is what I wrote in an email to one of my friends:

      "Last weekend I participated in a wonderful Photography workshop (3 days) in and around Carmel. The hands-on work was done at the the most beautiful and inspirational spots in Monterey County; The Mission, Old Town Monterey, Point Lobos, The Barnyard, Carmel by the Sea... What a wonderful place – where better to practice a new way of seeing and exercise my imagination.

The days averaged 9 hours plus gallery walks that followed. ...

The workshop is done in Carmel twice a year by Michael Seewald -(www.Seewald.com)  he is funny, inspiring and entertaining as well as a master photographer - all the techie stuff would NOT have been lost on YOU - as for me, well, time will tell, I hope to hang on to some of the techie stuff and at least be able to create some beautiful art, with a camera, when I go to Europe in June. I was there for the inspiration, the brain exercise, to hang out w/ my Mom and Aunt Elise and for the creative stimulation - I was not disappointed and am blessed, really, holy cow, how great is this life!!"

How_helpful_was_class: 10 - Very helpful
How_satisfied: 10 - Very satisfied
value_for_the_money: About right
quote_me: ON
Karla Stevens, Salinas, Ca
Carmel class of 4.'08


    "The class was a real 'eye opener'.  New ways to look at a potential photo- knowledge of light, shadow, composition- the importance of what you eliminate, like 'tension points', and much, much more...

    ...it was great! I really enjoyed the day."

Julie Bernardy
Spring Valley, California
Class of 3/'98

..."It was good to be able to review the discussions while viewing Michael's photos at the end.  It solidified the morning session."

Tracey Springstead,
San Diego, California
Class of

"This course was extremely satisfying in that it really explained and demonstrated to me the key difference between just taking "photo album" pictures and taking photos that can be considered real art and appreciated by others. The lessons learned about the proper composition and use of the proper light are invaluable."

John Garcia,
Carlsbad, California.
Class of 10.1.'06

By the numbers:

personal_attention_day1: 10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
personal_attention_day2: 10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
length_of_class_day1: Just right
length_of_class_day2: Just right
class_materials_day1: Well informed, read the pre-class info page
class_materials_day2: Well informed, read the pre-class info page
How_helpful_was_class: 10 - Very helpful
How_satisfied: 10 - Very satisfied
value_for_the_money: Quite a bit more


Click on photo to enlarge
Ghost students with Instructor- Balboa Park.
Copyright by beginning photographer Dan Clement, class of 3.13.'05.

This is the kind of fun and exciting image you will be able to make towards the end of class using your manual settings (yep, your MANUAL settings)!
You will adjust your aperture and shutter speeds manually with confidence after taking correct light-meter readings.  You will compose a strong image and set the self-timer to working to get into your own award winning photos- Whew! 

Like Dan Clement stated when asked if he'd gotten his monies worth,
"Heck Michael, I OWE YOU more money!"

 "...I liked the fact that MS was forthright - telling me exactly why he thought one of my pictures was not that good (and why) and why the others were much better and how they could still be improved much more. He was like my best friends - who know all my fallacies, say them on my face, and love me anyways!

...Day Two brought home the fact that great art isn't magic - it has a lot of hard work behind it! Even diamonds need careful polishing before they can shine!!..There was so much to learn and so much patience was needed. It was also physically tiring - which affected our own enthusiasm at times.  Michael kept us going - prodding us, poking us, encouraging us....

...The sign of a true master is that he makes the path very simple. When the student is struggling he knows exactly when to let them struggle (only to discover something on their own) and when to intervene (and show them something new that they have not noticed). Michael is a true master of the art in this sense. He knows how far to push people to think on their own and when to provide that masterly intervention.

Overall, the fun-shop was a ton of fun. Michael's sense of humor kept the learning "light"! He gave us all the tools in his repertoire and blessed us to begin our own journey into this wonderful world!"

Vivek Gulati, beginner level photographer,
San Diego, California
Class of 1.6-7.'07




If a picture is worth a thousand words,
what is a fresh Seewald grad video worth?
Priceless, IF it helps you decide to take one... take a look-see.



"...All my life taking photos were a way of expressing the emotion of a moment, not just documenting it. But combining the two was technically difficult for me.
I wanted better photos!! I wanted them to look beautiful, and convey what my eye and heart were seeing. I didn’t know how to achieve this. Having never been one that can learn by reading only, I needed to find someone who had this skill, and could communicate it in a kind, patient manner. Michael not only provided this, he added humor. He was always present in his teaching style, never acting board or that this was just a job. It is so fun to learn from someone who truly enjoyed sharing his art with you. 

I truly can not wait to take more classes with Michael! ..."   

(NOTE: Elizabeth then took our 'portrait class' and then a Yosemite class a few months later, really putting her money where her mouth is).

Elizabeth Palmer,
San Diego County Sheriff,
Class of 1.'09

Click image to enlarge





Click photo to enlarge.   Seewald 'fun-shop' class of 7.29-30.'06
Bobby is pictured second person from the left in above pic.

Excerpts from beginning photographer
Robert Brooks Jr. of San Diego,
California from his 7.29-30.'06 weekend class critique:

Day_one_too_tough_for_you?  ...I found it very easy to follow and I was bit nervous being so new to the art that I was really dreading showing anyone my photos... Mr. Seewald had me comfortable from the first minute.

How_tough_was_critique_day_one: 7 A little tough on me.
how_respectful: .........................10 - Very respectful
day_TWO_critique_how_respectful: 10 - Very respectful
personal_attention_day1: ..............10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
personal_attention_day2: ..............10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
length_of_class_day1: ................Just right
length_of_class_day2: ................Just right
class_materials_day1: ................Well informed
class_materials_day2: ................Well informed
How_helpful_was_class: ..............10 - Very helpful
How_satisfied overall: .................10 -Very satisfied
value_for_the_money: .................Quite a bit more

Note: We must admit, Bobby gave us fairly high marks here, but guess what, it's about the average, and he was not the highest rater either!  Some very serious photographers have claimed the class to be well worth  over $750 per day!



Need more testimonies?
Click here to check out Michael's portfolio over on Photo.net
and see what Michael's peers, whom he has never met,
have said about his art- It's posted below the art!


I would like to personally thank the many students whose praise
makes my work all the more enjoyable. Thanks for taking the time
to critique me, encourage me and to help me improve too. MS

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