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Michael Seewald's
Sponsorship Availability
and list of trips 'in progress'!

Thinking of sponsoring? You are in the right place.

Click photo to enlarge.
Paul and Sonya Berkovitz were visiting Del Mar and
'happened' into the Michael Seewald Gallery in Del Mar recently. Now they are contemplating
a sponsorship after falling in love with the art and hearing about the program. 
Will they decide to? We will see.



Sardinia, Italy

Eight sponsorships offered, some still available.
Contact us immediately to reserve your photo.
Michael has many great images from previous trips there, this
will only add to the extensive group of award winning images already created.


Any fears on collecting Seewald's art?

 "None!  I was committed to enjoying photographic art when I was exposed to several of Michael's images.   While it certainly is a positive factor, I did not become an owner of Michael's art with  investment as a goal.  I know that Michael's images have increased in value over the years."

Five time sponsor.
Lee Gaffrey, Encinitas, California.



Sponsorship Prices

Art size

Framed size,





24"x 30"





34"x 40"





40"x 50" 





50"x 60"




Easy Payment Plan
Only 1/3rd down to reserve. 
2nd third due one month prior to trip. Final third when picking your image, approx. one year after Michael's trip.

Conversion for
standard sizes

16x20" (40x51cm)
24x30" (61x76cm)
30x40" (76x101cm)
40x50" (101x127cm)


Easy payments plans:

Only one-third down to reserve you sponsored photo.  Next third due a month prior to Michael's trip departure date. Final balance due approximately one year later, after picking the image of choice from series.

Why wait for another price increase to get in?  You only live once, life is too short to own bad art, (add you own good reason to separate yourself from your wallet here) etc., etc., etc..

Contact for exact details, guarantees, etc., you'll be glad you did!

First come, first serve for new sponsors.

Read testimonials from sponsors.

Read the benefits of sponsoring.

call toll free now and Michael will return
your call immediately if he is not in.


Go to 'Why sponsor a Seewald?'


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Michael Seewald Galleries
Del Mar Plaza
1555 Camino Del Mar, Ste. 312, Del Mar, California, 92014 USA 
Phone: 858.793.3444 

Open Wed. thru Sun., 2 p.m. till 8 p.m.
Friday and Saturdays till 10 p.m..
Call first if going out of your way, we sometimes close to run errands.

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