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Xian, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guilin, beijing, bajing, chino.

Copyright Michael Seewald, all rights reserved 1987-2011.
Sponsored by John Lefferdink of Cardiff, California

The Three Graces, Xian, China

After visiting the Tierra Cotta Warriors, and almost getting arrested for photographing them as it was 'Verboten', we (the tour) ate at a local restaurant with a park next to it. I found these ladies just after having lunch, and thought it was just adorable. I stopped and instantly hid my face and camera setup by huddling against a wall, turning from the walkway, as the Chinese folks were so enamored with westerners they would flock to me in huge numbers at just seeing me stand still; thus they would have prevented me from getting this image. While hiding my face into a wall, I quickly pre-focused down it, guessing the distance they were behind me.  After turning and getting the shot I realized I'd shot it with b&w- egads! man. My collectors had pre-purchased color images, so I frantically turned around and started to change backs on the camera. At that same moment my worst fears came true. They were awakened by some guy walking by with a ghetto blaster radio cranked way up (the only time in the three week trip I even saw anybody with one- egads! again man!). I continued changing the backs anyway and turned around to see they had fallen to sleep again anyway. Thank-U-Lord. MS


 Prices on the sponsored China originals.

Note:  These images are from Seewald's second 'sponsored' series, created back in 1987. 
Back then, 16x20's were the only size Seewald made available, in editions of only (10) each. 

When these sell out Michael will destroy the negative!!! 

 That is the reason the price increases with each sale.

25 years ago, the 25 sponsors of these images invested, sight un-seen, at $350 per 16"x20". 
Now, all of them are $20,000
minimum in value.  Some
of them (2) are up to $100,000 in
value, due to sales!!  Seewald allows only 8 sponsors to pre-purchase images 'sight-unseen' these days! 
Prices for sponsoring increase every couple of years.  To sponsor your own, like over 350 other
collectors have now done, see:
Sponsor Program, see: Pricing History)

Originally, in 1987, the following was to be the selling schedule.  It has been revised
a few times as Michael has completed more trips, won more major awards
 and watched photographic art come into 'it's own' over the decades with prices by masters skyrocketing. 

Everyone GASPED at what the 10th image was to sell at when they saw this back then.

#1 - Went to the sponsor.
#2 - Seewald keeps.
#3 - Museums get this one.
#4 - $600 (opening night release price
- first available image to the public.)
#5 - $700
(Next available image to the public, etc.)
#6 - $800
     "           "
#7 - $900
     "           "
#8 - $1,000
     "           "
#9 - $1,250
     "           "
#10 -$1,500
     "     (and negative semi-destroyed- half to the collector, half to Seewald)


However, this is the current price schedule:

#1 - Went to the sponsor.
#2 - Seewald keeps.
#3 - Museums get this one.
#4 -  $20,000 (The first available image to the public.)
#5 - $30,000  (Next available image to the public, etc.)
#6 - $40,000     "           "
#7 - $50,000     "           "
#8 - $100,000     "           " (current price of two images,
The Three Graces and Pianoman)
#9 - $500,000     "           "
$1,000,000     "    (and negative semi-destroyed- half to the collector, half to Seewald)

We still have some at the $20K 'low' price, but as each one sells it is increased, with some at the $30K, $40K, $50K and even the $100K prices now.



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