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Bogen, Manfrotto tripods, 715b and the digi 725b for digital cameras and photographers who shoot digital images for digital imaging.

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Seewald's now carries the full
line of Bogen/Manfrotto tripods. 

As well as some great camera backpacks.

Links for camara/lens purchase thru Amazon stores are below.

Michael got tired of seeing his new students show up with tripods that had just been sold to them that were either too big, or too small, for their intended use.  Here are a couple that he recommends and that are available through his studio.


For those with the
point and shoot cameras...

Click photos to enlarge.
Right photo shows the Macro setup you can achieve.

The 'Small Digital' Tripod.
A black tripod with integrated ball head with
dove tail plate.

The most compact, full-size tripod in the Manfrotto range and designed for the new compact digital and conventional point and shoot cameras. The new tripod with a micro "dovetail" quick release plate. 

Manfrotto engineers were careful not to compromise stability for size and weight reduction. The incredibly short folded length of just over 17" was achieved with two engineering breakthroughs. First, the leg pivot was re-designed with a unique single hinge allowing the leg to fold shorter than conventional designs. Secondly, an integral ballhead is recessed into the main shoulder casting for transport.

But thatís not all! This compact ballhead allows a preset but adjustable tension to be set so that all you have to do is point the camera and shoot. No more locking off handles before you take that shot! This adjustment is done with a handle found on the bottom of the column, set it for your camera and forget it, then just aim and shoot. If you want to lock it down, just turn the handle further and it will lock off the head.

The 'Small Digital' Tripod also features quick-action leg locks for fast set-up and breakdown, and an innovative three faceted center column design prevents any column rotation. A rucksack-style bag is also included.

Seewald's new, lower price -Only $99.95,
includes the ball head, quick release plate and the carrying bag.

  • Maximum Height 4.6'
  • Integrated Ball Head
  • Weighs 2.4 lb
  • Supports 4.4 lb

Usually in stock, please contact to order one.

Seewald Cat. #97105



For those with very light
weight cameras up to 7.7 lbs.

Medium Digital' tripod with ball head.

The NEW Bogen 'Medium Digital' Tripod
with ball head and quick release. Only $119.95.
(Stock #97816 )

A better tripod only because of the  Manfrotto 'ball  head'.  The tripod pictured is one of the lighter weight units and is good for any camera, 35mm or small med. format, up to 7.7 lbs in weight.

It's very sturdy for it's size, very light (only 3.1 lbs.), has the suggested ball head- and now includes a quick release.  Generally, this tripod runs $130 to $140 at most stores.

     As reported: This is a compact and lightweight tripod that offers the rock steady support necessary for high-quality imaging with today's digital and conventional cameras. It includes a built-in aluminum ball head with a single "ratchet" locking lever, as well as quick-action leg locks for fast set-up and breakdown. Ball head locks both panning base and ball itself with one movement, unlike a lot of ball heads which need two separate adjustments, sometimes losing precious time when a quick adjustment is necessary.


  • Maximum Height 4.7'
  • Integrated Ball Head
  • Weighs 3.24 lb
  • Supports 7.7 lb
  • Quick Release



Carrying bag

The smallest and simplest model in the range, an unpadded rucksack-style bag for small tripods. It has a bungee cord top opening and adjustable straps, and comes in resistant nylon with printed Manfrotto logo.  Price $18.00. 
Comes free with a Seewald tripod purchase.

Note:   Michael's retail price for the "Medium Digital' tripod is only $139.95.  He can ship one to you or hold one to be picked up at the shop.  If shipping is needed, it's only $12 to anywhere in the U.S.. 

Calif. residents please add 7.25% if outside of San Diego county, 7.75% in.  



     I really enjoyed using the tripod that I purchased from you last week on my trip to Catalina over the holiday weekend!  It wonderfully simplified switching between medium format and digital cameras, with a quick release mounted on each camera.  Also, the lightweight construction was much appreciated for the hike up to the Botanical Gardens and back!  Do you know anyone who wants an heavy, old tripod?

Thanks so much,
Frances Everett



We also carry carbon fiber tripods by Manfrotto and Velbon.  Come on by and see them personally if you are in the area.



Click photos to enlarge.

Manfrotto 293 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod W/QR Ballhead - - - -Only $159.95.


Product Highlights

  • 3-Section Aluminum Legs
  • Lightweight--3.85 Lbs (1.75 kg)
  • Anti-Shock Collar
  • Maximum Height of 5.17' (1.57 m)
  • Minimum Height of 1.48' (45.3 cm)
  • Maximum Load Capacity of 8.81 Lbs (4 kg)

The NEW Bogen 'Heavy duty digital' Tripod
with ball head and quick release. Only $159.95.

(Stock #911842)



                                                                                       Click photo to enlarge.

Manfrotto 294 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod W/QR (#496 Heavy Duty Ballhead) - - - - $189.95

NOTE: More heavy duty than the 293, higher height and more load capacity
(and a bit heavier to accomplish this too).

  • 3-Section Aluminum Legs
  • Ballhead and Quick Release Plate Inc
  • Lightweight--4.96 Lbs (2.25 kg)
  • Anti-Shock Collar
  • Maximum Height of 5.87' (1.79 m)
  • Minimum Height of 1.63' (49.7 cm)
  • Maximum Load Capacity of 11 Lbs (5 kg)


Stock #913421




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Bogen, Manfrotto tripods, 715b and the digi 725b for digital cameras and photographers who shoot digital images for digital imaging.

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